Day: January 18, 2012

My Wife Likes Black Cock

Life is strange to say the least. Take the situation that now exists between my wife and me. Linda and I have been married almost seven years now, but out relationship has changed more in the last six months than it did in the first six years. Let me explain how my present predicament began. I guess in a sense everything that has happened to me has been my fault.

I should have left well enough alone, you see I’m married to a 25 year old fox of a wife. Her name is Linda and I’ve been with her ever since she was 16 years old. She had never known any other man but me and that was fine with me. I’m a couple of years older than Linda but not that much more experienced in sexual matters than her. Linda was a virgin when we meet, and I had only a couple of sexual experiences before meeting my wife.

In any event, our sex life was fine for the first five years and then in the next year, I noticed how it kind of tailed off. I figured that I could improve our sex life by having us both watch and get better sexually educated by watching some porn flicks. At first Linda was against it, but she relented and eventually she seemed to actually like watching them. It did seem to improve the frequency of our sex sessions but then something interesting happened.

As Linda and I were watching a new porno flick I had picked up, she seemed to be taking particular interest in Peter North’s large equipment as he filled some women to the limit with it. The next scene showing a black guy with his even bigger cock seemed to fascinate her even more.