Day: August 2, 2013

My Wet Dream Fantasy

This is a fantasy, my fantasy to be honest. I have had it many times in the past few months, and I am not sure to be ashamed of it or to indulge in it. I have told my girlfriend about it, she is very understanding, and when I begin to feel ashamed she tells me I am not a freak and that many other men have the same feelings. But sadly she is not into it at all. Not even the idea of it.

This my fantasy of what I would love to see happen. I have played this whole thing out in my head more times then I can count. Let me fill you in on it.

Don’t ask me why, but within the last year, I have all of a sudden become fixated on the thought of my girl friend, Annie, being fucked hard and fast by another guy. Her moaning, thrusting her hips against his, her large 42 DD tits swaying with the motion of the hard pounding she was getting. I’ve talk with her many times (not in such detail as you can understand) about this, and she is very against the whole idea of it.

I think there’s more going on underneath then even she would ever admit. She would say the thought of being with another man made her feel sick to her stomach yet when we had sex sometimes she would be very into role- playing, and even though she was a virgin when we met, she is a total nympho in bed. So naturally, me being a problem salver, I came up with a plan.

I know it’s not that original, but I figured if I could get her drunk, say… at a bar,(Annie always gets very touchy feelie when drunk to begin with) and present the opportunity to a more opened frame of mind, I would almost surely get to at lest find out how I really feel about all that stuff.

Now I had been bringing it up off and on for about two weeks, and I had gotten her to the point where she has told me, more then once, that “If it ever did happen, and I’m noting saying that it will, if it ever did, I don’t think I could do it with you there, you wouldn’t even know about it till it was over”

And that’s a step up for me. My birthday had passed a few months earlier so I reminded her that she said we would go out to the bar one weekend and get shit-faced together, she said I just had to tell her a week before to make sure she had off that weekend. So I picked the following weekend.

Friday was finally here, Annie had to work during the day, but she got off at one o’clock. I reminded her as soon as she got home, and by one thirty she was taking a bath, after that she did her hair, and picked out a sexy number to wear. She ended up in this tight light pick half sleeve tee-shirt, and these thigh tight hip-huggers that showed off her round ass very nicely. She looked very sexy, and I was getting high hopes for the evening. I had already showered, so I got dressed, nothing special, and slicked my hair back like always, and we left for the first bar around seven.

My girl friends drink of choice is a fuzzy navel, not to high on the alcohol, but two or three were enough to get her off and going pretty good. So when we got to the first bar of the night, she sat at a table, and I bribed the bartender to double the shots in her fuzzy navels for the time we there. But she didn’t like the place much and only wanted to stay to finish her first drink.